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Surah Tariq For Marriage


Assalamalaikum my dear sisters and brothers who follow Marriage Dua. We are presenting to you a unique halal prayer from the Quran, Surah Tariq. This piece explores the benefits of reciting the 86th chapter, Surah At-Tariq, which comprises 17 verses from the holy Quran. In this article, we will share with you the benefits of Surah Tariq for marriage in Islam.

This powerful surah is named so because of “Tariq” mentioned in its opening verse. The Surah Tareeq underscores the creation of humans and their accountability to Allah. The recitation of Surah At-Tariq is believed to bring spiritual benefits and blessings.

Surah At Tariq is helpful especially for those seeking guidance, blessings, and protection for marital harmony. Many Muslims integrate the verses of this powerful surah into their daily prayers for various benefits. In this article, explore the spiritual depth of Surah At-Tariq. You will also get to understand how to recite its last 3 ayats for your husband and the well-being of your marital journey.

Reciting Surah At-Tariq is believed to bring spiritual benefits and blessings in the lives of people who believe in Allah. For blessings in marriage, people often recite this surah. It is to seek Allah’s guidance and protection for a prosperous and harmonious married life. It’s a common practice among Muslims to include verses from Surah At-Tariq for marriage in their daily prayers and supplications.

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