How to Pray Istikhara For Marriage Step by Step – A Detailed Guide  


In life, we all reach a point where we need guidance in life in important matter of our lives. Getting somebody’s help is necessary in successful implementation of decisions. It is very common for people to choose the first option they come across. However, at times, it is necessary for us to get guidance from a professional. It is better to learn how to pray istikhara for marriage or other important decisions in life. 

If a person makes the right decision with the help of Allah, only then they can get the best benefit out of it. People who perform istikhara or duas know that these are the most useful ways to get closer to Him. With Allah’s guidance, any person can solve confusing and challenging problems. 

Apart from the obligatory five prayers of the day, there are other prayers. These prayers are proved to be helpful in life as per Allah’s messenger (PBUH). These prayers include night prayers, duas for istikhara, etc.    

Istikhara prayer in Islam is a very useful method for attaining wisdom. With the help of istikhara duas, Allah SWT gives his help in making right decisions that affect our future in a positive manner. If you wish to learn how to perform istikhara step by step properly, you are on the right post.  

Here, in this blog, we are sharing with you the correct process of performing istikhara step-by-step. But, before that, we will explain the importance and benefits of istikhara dua. This will help you attain the guidance of the Almighty.  

What is an Istikhara Dua? 

The literal meaning of an istikhara is to seek goodness from Allah SWT. The purpose of performing an istikhara is to look for the Almighty’s guidance and supervision in our lives. We can pray an istikhara dua whenever we are uncertain about taking an important decision in life. These important decisions can be about marriage, career, business, someone you love or any other important aspect. 

With the help of the istikhara dua for marriage, one asks for the opinion of Allah in our decisions. You might read that Istikhara is only about two Rakas of prayer. However, let us tell you a fact. It consists of two rakas that are accompanied by a specific dua (supplication) after it.  

Before you decide to perform an istikhara, you must have ultimate faith in the power of Allah. You must believe that he is the Ultimate knower of things and his guidance will give you the guidance to make right decisions.  

Our Islamic scholar is often asked, “Are there any mentions of istikhara in the Holy Quran?” 

Let us be clear about it. There is no explicit mention of this term in the Quran. However, in many verses we read about asking Allah’s help whenever we have an important decision to make. Let us give you an example of how beneficial it is for us to get guidance with istikhara prayer: 

“O Prophet, you have been lenient with them because of Allah’s mercy. They would have abandoned you, if you had been cruel or cold-hearted. You must pardon them and ask Allah to forgive them. You must consult them in order that they make the right decision after having their trust in Allah.” (Al-Imran:159) 

What are the Prophet’s saying about the importance of Istikhara?

There are many hadiths that explain the importance of performing the istikhara prayer. A hadith by Jabir Bin Abdullah says that: “The Prophet (PBUH) has taught us how to perform istikhara prayers just as much as he has taught us all the Surahs of the Quran.” He also said: “If anyone of you thinks of making a decision about doing any job, you should offer two Raka prayers other than the obligatory ones. After the Raka prayers, you must say the Istikhara supplication.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

How To Perform Istikhara Dua Stepwise In A Correct Manner?

Even though you might hear people say that Istikhara is just like any other prayer, our Islamic scholar does not have the same opinion. The importance of istikhara prayer in Islam is crucial for all Muslims to understand.

Let us now explain the correct process to perform an istikhara stepwise in a correct manner:

The first step of performing any Islamic prayer is to always do wudu to cleanse yourself properly.

With the intention of praying an istikhara for marriage, perform two rakas. You can do this separately or with an intention of doing them with an obligatory prayer like Tahajjud.

After you complete the obligatory prayer and the rakas, recite the istikhara prayer. We have mentioned the istikhara dua, along with the translation in the images below.

Istikhara Dua In Arabic is as follows: 

Istikhara dua in Arabic

Istikhara Dua Transliteration in English is as follows: 

transliteration of istikhara dua for marriage

Complete Istikhara Prayer in English 

Istikhara Prayer in English

When is it best to pray Istikhara? 

After learning to perform the istikhara stepwise, you might want to know when to pray salatul istikhara. Is there a specific time to pray istikhara is a common question and we have the answer for it. Istikhara is a sunnah prayer and many Islamic scholars have various approaches to perform it. Scholars these days would say that you can perform istikhara at any time of the day or night.  

On the other hand, our Islamic expert believes in the traditions set by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. According to him, the final third of a night is the ideal time for the fulfillment of the istikhara supplication.  

After finding the right time to perform an istikhara, people also ask another question. “Is it compulsary to sleep after performing an istikhara prayer”? The answer to this question is a no. It is not compulsary to go to sleep after you perform the istikhara dua.  

How To Know Istikhara Results Or Signs? 

When a person performs an istikhara dua in the specific order mentioned above, they have to do one important thing. They have to put aside the decision they were about to make before doing the supplication. It is better for them to let go of the inclination they have about their concerns. Then, they will have to wait for the signs Allah gives them.  

With the istikhara signs, one will get a clear idea of what to do in life. If one finds the signs unclear, they are allowed to perform the istikhara again. Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, a renowned Islamic scholar has said: “To get a clearer sign about what decision to make, a person must perform more and more istikhara prayer.”  

It is a common misconception that the istikhara signs are seen only in dreams. Instead of waiting for some symbolic signs of the istikhara for marriage, it is better to seek advice from experts or learned people. It will be helpful to discuss the signs of istikhara with an Islamic scholar to get a sense of what to decide. We must also believe that Allah will not put an inclination towards something that is not good for us.  

What Are The Benefits Of Istikhara For Marriage And Other Aspects?

The benefits of performing the istikhara are immense. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

  • What happens when you do istikhara is that you find transparency in complex matters of life.
  • You get Allah’s support and find yourself getting closer to him. This is because Allah admires those who wake up in the middle of the night to call upon him.
  • He listens to your supplications and mentions your name in front of the Angels.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage By Name Or Photo?

For a person to perform istikhara for marriage, they can get in touch with our Islamic expert to learn the step-by-step process. The istikhara dua for marriage is similar to performing the salatul istikhara. Only difference in performing the salatul istikhara for marriage is that it is done with a specific person in mind.

  • To perform the istikhara for marriage, you have to recite two Rakas after the Tahajjud salah.
  • After that recite the istikhara dua for marriage and take the name of the person and their mother.
  • You can also keep their photo in front of your prayer mat while you do the marriage istikhara.
  • At last, pray for Allah’s guidance to get a sign whether that person is right for you or not.

Dua of How to Pray Istikhara Step by Step for Marriage: 

istikhara dua for marriage

Get Help From An Expert 

If you have some extraordinary expectations from an istikhara, we must tell you not to stick to them. It is a simple prayer that follows a specific procedure. It is a prayer that you perform to get an assurance that you have the blessings of Allah SWT.  

You just have to disregard your personal feelings and let Allah decide what is best for you. He will give guide you in the direction that is best for you and your life.  

We have explained how to perform istikhara in the correct manner. Just have faith in Allah and pray with a sincere heart and hope for the best answer as soon as possible. You can get expert help from our world renowned Islamic scholar to better understanding of the istikhara and its benefits and results.  

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