Ya Fattahu For Marriage – Dua To Remove Obstacles In Marriage

Quranic Dua For Marriage

Ya Fattahu For Marriage

Are you planning to get married and want a quranic dua for marriage in quran to make it happen without any fuss? Today we are sharing the dua for marriage from the Quran that will help you to get married and will help you find a suitable life partner. This Islamic dua for nikah is the most effective dua when it comes to getting married and finding a life partner. As many people find it difficult to get the right marriage proposals at the right time, this dua is the blessing of Allah for them.

If you are someone whose marriage is getting delayed due to unexpected reasons and conflicts, there might be high chances of the astrological reasons that might be causing the havoc. We recommend you to get your birth chart to analyze by our maulvi ji and find the causes of the delay. You should also read the Quranic dua for marriage for removing the obstacles and delays in the marriage process. This dua will also help you to remove the causes of the delay in the marriage while at the same minimizing the effects of certain planetary influences in your birth chart.

Dua For Marriage From Quran

Dua To Remove Obstacles In Marriage

For those who want to get married to their lover and ate facing objections from their family and relatives regarding their love marriage should read ya fattahu for marriage. This dua will help you to convince your parents for the marriage and will also help to narrow down the list of reasons that they are using to deny the marriage. The dua for marriages in the Quran is not only effective for the people who wish to get married to the love of their life but also helps in removing the obstacles from its path.

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Follow this ritual to read the dua to remove obstacles in marriage:

  1. Make wazu and sit on the prayer mat.
  2. Now read, “Ya Allahu , Ya Fattahu” 303 times.
  3. After this read Rabbi Inn Lima anzalta dua 11 times and pray for your marriage.
  4. If you wish to get married to your lover make sure you visualize their face while reading the dua for marriages in Quran.

Dua For Marriage In Quran

Keep reading the dua to remove obstacles in marriage for 15 days and you will start seeing the results very soon. Your parents will agree to the marriage and your marriage will take place without any fuss. Make sure you perform nikah istikhara before reading the duas for marriages.

For those who wish to get a life partner who is loving and caring and takes care of them in every situation; this Islamic prayer for shadi in the Quran is the answer for you. Keep reading the dua every day and ensure a successful marriage with the person you have always dreamed of. The ya fattahu for marriage enables the people to get married at the right age by bringing suitable partners for them.

Islamic Dua For Marriage

Dua about marriage is for the ones who are looking for ways about how to get married soon. Yeah! We understand the excitement and concern regarding early marriage especially when your friends are siblings re getting married. It is natural to want to get married at the right age as there are enough shreds of evidence of what the relationships and marriages have become. It became almost impossible to find the suitors after a certain age. So leave your worries right here and dive into this post about how to get married soon with the help of Islamic dua for marriage!

A dua is the best way to ensure that your prayers are heard by Allah. It is because prayer is the purest way to connect to Him and speak what we want. Many youngsters of the marriageable age have used the dua about marriage and have gained the best results. You can also use the Islamic dua for marriage for getting married soon. If you are someone who is frustrated about the fact that your marriage is getting delayed, or you are not getting suitable marriage partners, this dua about marriage will be the answer to how to get married soon.

How To Get Married Soon

  • Make ablution after an obligatory prayer.
  • Now read, Surah al Ahzaab (chapter 33) 11 times and Surah At Taha (chapter 20) Five times.
  • After this read, “Sahlam Bi Fadhlika Yaa “Azeez” 100 times and pray to Allah for your marriage.
  • End the ritual by reading Surah Yasin once.

Keep up with the ritual for 41 days and while praying to Allah for marriage keep in mind the vision of the kind of life partner you want. Hold the vision with love and gratitude and thank Allah for everything.

If you are worried about the delay in the marriage and want to know how to get married soon with the help of dua about marriage, read the dua given below:

“wala tamuddanna aynaykaelaa maamattanaa behiazwaajam minhumzahratal hayaatiddunyaa lenaftenahum feehewarizqo rabbekakhayruwn waabqaa waamurahlaka bissalaate wastabir alayhaa laa nasalokarizqaa nahnonarzoqok walaaqebatolittaqwaa”

How To Get Married Soon

This Islamic dua for marriage is meant to remove the obstacles that might be causing the delay in the marriage. Read the dua 1100 times after any obligatory prayer. Remember to hold the vision of the life partner and pray will utmost belief in Allah. If you have someone special in your mind with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, you must first do the nikah Istikhara and then read the dua about marriage. Follow the ritual given above as instructed and you will soon be hearing good news regarding your marriage.

 Have faith in Allah and the divine timing of your life. Everything will work out in the end. For more information about Islamic dua for marriage, dial the numbers and ask from our Molvi sab.

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