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Surah Kausar For Baby Boy – Wazifa For Baby Boy During Pregnancy


Surah Kausar For Baby Boy

Planning to extend your family and want to have a baby boy? If you wish to be a mother of a beautiful son then you should take the help of the surah kausar for baby boy. No one can describe in words the love that a mother has towards her children. Many people do not understand the kind of love they have towards unless they become a mother themselves. Love always encourages us to be the best version of ourselves and becoming a mother is the best feeling in the whole wide world.

Wazifa For Baby Boy

But this post if for the women who wish to have a son and have been trying for so long. Children are the blessing of Allah and no matter girl or boy everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah but if you wish to have a son because you already have been blessed by the daughter then you should take the help of the wazifa for baby boy during pregnancy. Inshallah, this will also protect your child and keep him healthy. So stop getting worried about your pregnancy and the health of your child and just recite this with conviction and faith.

Wazifa For Baby Boy

Every couple wants to get a beautiful child but sometimes due to some biological and other issues, they aren’t able to produce the baby. This problem can also create a rift between the couples and within the families and the problem becomes lifelong. This wazifa for baby boy can help you to get a beautiful baby. Everything is possible with the grace of Allah and if you read His word with faith. Start offering the Namaz of five times along with the surah kausar for baby boy and witness the magic unfolding in front of your own eyes.

Here’s how to read surah kausar for baby boy:

  1. Make fresh ablution and sit on the prayer mat.
  2. Now recite Durood E Sharif thrice.
  3. After this recite Surah kausar 15 times and pray to Allah to bless you with the son.
  4. You can start this ritual any time after conceiving and continue it till the birth of the child.

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Wazifa For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Wazifa For Baby Boy During PregnancyThis wazifa for baby boy during pregnancy is also effective in maintaining the health of the child. Many women get worried sick about the health and deformity in the children. So if you wish to avoid this situation in your pregnancy and want to have a beautiful son then you should take the help of this quranic wazifa told by our maulvi ji. Also, make sure that you offer the namaz of five times while you are reading this and maintain good thoughts. Thinking positive and always appreciating the name of Allah will bless you with a healthy and happy son.

If you wish to contact our maulvi ji to get the detailed guidelines to read the wazifa for baby boy then contact us via the given numbers +91-9855923779. You can also contact him to get the best remedies for not having the child. We assure you that we maintain the confidentiality of the details of all our clients.

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