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Powerful Dua For Marriage Soon In Islam


As Salam Alaikum, to my beloved brothers and sisters looking for the correct dua for marriage with a lover soon. Here, we shall help and guide you through the process of making the dua for marriage in the right way. Let Allah SWT decide whether he or she is in your destiny or not, you just make the dua for marriage as told by us and wait for positive results, Ameen!

How to Perform Dua for Marriage

The method of making dua for marriage soon is given below –

  • Read Surah Muzammil (Chapter 29 in Quran) everyday once, after Namaz-e-Fajr to make the dua for marriage soon
  • After that make sure you are facing towards the Qiblah and read Durood Shareef three times.
  • Now, repeat this dua for marriage soon 48 times carefully –

رابانا حبلاانا من ازواجينا وادري-ياتينا

Rabbana Hablana Min azwajeena wadhur ree yateenna [Surah Alfurqan: 25:74]

“Ya Allah! Grant us partners and children who will comfort our eyes, and lead us towards the righteous (Taqwa).”

  • In the end, again recite the Durood shareef three times to end the procedure and make dua to get married soon.

Insha Allah, your dua to get married soon will be answered in a couple of weeks. This dua for marriage soon is like fire, it works really quickly.

Dua To Get Married Soon Step-By-Step

Another famous dua for marriage in Islam is –

سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَالْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ وَلاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ أَكْبَرُ وَلاَ حَوْلَ وَلاَ قُوَّةَ إِلاَّ بِاللَّ

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wala ilaha illallah wallahu akbar wala hawla wala quwwata illa billah

Translation: Glory and Praise to Allah. There is no God but Allah. All strength and power comes only from Allah. [Ref: Sahih Muslim: 2698]

This is a special dua or dhikr for marriage that is most loved by Allah SWT. So, if you wish to make the dua to get married soon then this dhikr can help you. To read this dua for marriage in Islam you need to make sure of certain things –

  • Always wear proper and clean clothes while reading the dua for marriage in Islam
  • Always stay in proper Wudu
  • You must pray five times a day (Offer Salah at the right time)
  • Don’t indulge yourself into haram activities

Insha Allah, if you will follow these rules while you read the dua for marriage is Islam, insha Allah, your dua for marriage will be accepted soon, Ameen!

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Dua For Getting Marriage Soon

We have also brought the very powerful and helpful wazifa to get married soon to assist our brothers and sisters who wish to get married with the right person. This wazifa is one of the best islamic ways to get married soon. Here is how you should perform this wazifa without any mistakes.

  • To start with the wazifa to get married soon, you need to be clean and in proper Wudu
  • Now, begin with reciting Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Raheem – 21 times
  • Now, recite the dua for instant marriage (100 times)-

لا إله إلا إلا هو فا أنا تفكون

La Ilaha Illa Huwa Faa Anna Tufaqoon [Surah Fatir: 35:3]

Translation: There is no God but Allah, then how can you be deluded?

  • Now, beg for forgiveness for all your sins that you can think of or might have not known about

In the end, to complete the wazifa to get married soon, you must beg Allah SWT to grant you with an opportunity to get married to someone you like Insha Allah, very soon you will get married and enjoy a happy marital life with your partner, Ameen!

These are some of the most beneficial and impactful islamic ways to get married soon. For centuries, these methods have helped in getting our brothers and sisters married quickly and with the person they like. But, these Islamic ways to get married soon can be tricky sometimes to avoid any mishappening, you must reach us to understand the correct process of performing them. Insha Allah, with right guidelines you can achieve anything in Islam.

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Marriage Dua

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