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Powerful Dua For Girlfriend  


Dua For Girlfriend  

We extend our sincere greetings to all of our cherished Marriage Dua Readers. Do not worry if you are having problems in your romantic life. We are sharing the Islamic dua for girlfriend that will make things easier for you.   

If you want your girlfriend back, you can definitely pray to the Almighty Allah and make dua for her to return. Allah SWT will give you her affection once again for all time.   

The all-powerful souls will undoubtedly assist you in recovering your love if you believe in the one key to bringing your ex back into your life because you have faith in Allah.   

Every person deserves a soul that genuinely loves them for who they are, not for their wealth or beauty. You deserve a lifelong companion who will stand by you through good times and bad.   

But what if your sweetheart suddenly changes their behavior and leaves you for someone else or separates from you?   

If so, this Islamic dua for girlfriend is just what you need to solve your issue. 

What Is The Dua For Girlfriend Back? 

The following is a dua for a girlfriend: It says, “Wastaghfiroo Rabbakum summa toobooo ilaih; inna Rabbee Raheemunw Wadood.” (11:90) 

However, beg your Lord’s pardon and turn to Him (in repentance): For my Lord is truly abundant in mercy and loving-kindness.  

How To Perform Islamic Dua For Girlfriend? 

The best way to perform this dua for girlfriend back is to start by cleaning your outside with a new wuzu. 

  • After that, take a seat on a prayer mat in a quiet location and focus entirely. 
  • Now recite Tawassul and Durood Shareef. 
  • Last but not least, recite this dua fifteen times while also reciting Surah Hud, and then ask Allah (SWT) to inspire your gf with love. 
  • To witness positive results from this dua, perform this procedure consistently and accurately with unwavering confidence in Allah Almighty. 

You can freely contact our Molana Abdullah Hussain Ji over WhatsApp if you have any concerns or doubts. 


The dua for my girlfriend is explained in detail. With the use of this dua, you can attract your love back into your life.    

Particularly if you two had once been in love, winning someone back is not difficult. Only reciting this dua to get your ex back in the proper manner will enable you to swiftly reconnect with your companion.   

The love of your life will come to you thanks to this dua. With the aid of this Quranic prayer for girlfriend, which is completely halal, many of our readers find their love again, and they are again enjoying their lives peacefully. 

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