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Tasbeeh for Love Between Husband and Wife


Love is a lovely emotion that brings joy and warmth into our lives. The Tasbeeh for Love is one such significant practice that can improve the love between spouses. The importance of tasbeeh for husband love, the straightforward steps to do Salatul Tasbih, and how tasbeeh can deepen husband and wife love are all covered in this article.

Tasbeeh For Love and Marriage For Muslim Couples

Tasbeeh, which is the repetitive praising and glorifying of Allah, is of great spiritual value. We ask Allah’s mercy and grace to increase the love between spouses when we perform Salatul Tasbeeh. The potential of tasbeeh to forge a bond between us and our loved ones as well as with Allah is what gives it its strength.

How to Perform Salatul Tasbih for Love and Marriage Stepwise?

Performing Salatul Tasbih, a special prayer known for seeking forgiveness and blessings, can also be beneficial for love and marriage. Here’s a point-based process for performing Salatul Tasbih with the intention of enhancing love and marriage:

  1. Purification: Begin by performing Wudu (ablution) to ensure you are in a state of ritual purity.
  1. Intention: Make a sincere intention (niyyah) to seek Allah’s blessings for your love and marriage.
  1. Select a Time: Choose a quiet and serene time when you can focus on your prayer without distractions.
  1. Direction: While facing the Qibla is recommended, it’s not obligatory for Salatul Tasbih.
  1. Prayer Mat: Lay a clean prayer mat and sit in a comfortable and composed position.
  1. Recitation: Start with the recitation of the “Takbir” (Allahu Akbar) and then recite the “Tasbih of Salat” as follows:

 SubhanAllahi walhamdu lillahi walailaha illallahu wallahu akbar.

  1. Rakats: Salatul Tasbih typically consists of four units (rakats) of prayer, each with its own Tasbih recitation.
  1. Prostration: After each recitation of the Tasbih, go into prostration (sujood) and offer your supplications. Pray for love, harmony, and blessings in your marriage. Pour out your heart to Allah and ask for His guidance.
  1. Repeat: Repeat this process for each of the four rakats, reciting the Tasbih and offering your heartfelt prayers during the prostrations.
  1. Conclusion: Upon completing the four rakats, offer a final supplication, thanking Allah for His blessings and seeking His continued guidance for your love and marriage.
  1. Consistency: To maximize the potential benefits, practice Salatul Tasbih regularly, ideally daily or on specific days as recommended.
  1. Trust and Patience: Have faith that your prayers are heard, and be patient. Over time, your dedication to Salatul Tasbih can contribute to the well-being and love in your marriage.

Remember that Salatul Tasbih is a deeply spiritual and personal act of devotion. While it can be a powerful means to seek Allah’s blessings for your marriage, it’s essential to combine it with open communication, understanding, and effort in your relationship.

Tasbeeh For Husband Love 

It is natural for a wife in a marriage to want her husband to love and respect her, yet occasionally her attempts to win his devotion are unsuccessful. Understanding the custom of conducting the Tasbeeh for a husband’s love becomes crucial in such circumstances. 

A married lady should take the following actions to participate in the Tasbeeh for husband love: 

  • Make sure you are clean on the inside by doing the correct ablution (wudu). 
  • After finishing the ablution, put on clean clothing and sit on your prayer mat. 
  • Respectfully, recite the Durood Sharif eleven times. 
  • It is recommended to repeat the verse “Yaa Allaahu Yaa Fattahuu” 333 times after the Durood recitation. 
  • Recite the Durood Sharif eleven more times to finish the process of this tasbih. 

Tasbeeh for Love Between Husband and Wife

A happy marriage is built on love, and tasbeeh for love between husband and wife can be an important part of maintaining that love. By participating in tasbeeh as husband and wife, you can have a shared spiritual experience and strengthen your emotional bond. 

  • Set aside a specific time each day to sit together and recite the tasbeeh. 
  • Praise Allah time and time again.  
  • Offer silent prayers for each other’s health, joy, and a tighter link of love as you recite the tasbeeh. 

Tasbeeh can promote greater calmness, comprehension, and compassion in your interactions with others. It inspires thankfulness for the blessing of each other and serves as a reminder of the sacred relationship you share as couples.

Tasbeeh For Love Marriage

  • Prepare a your partner’s most favourite dish.
  • Recite the following heartfelt words:

Makaa naahh Muhh Amma Dunaa Bahh Adim miri Jaalik Umwal aa Kirraa Sulal ahiWa khataa Man nna Biye nWakaan Allahu Bikuli Sheyy In Alima

  • Gently blow this loving prayer over the food, infusing it with the warmth of your emotions.
  • Present this thoughtful gesture to your beloved, a token of your affection and a symbol of the connection you share.


Tasbeeh for husband love can be a life-changing activity for Muslim couples in a world when distractions are common. You can start a path of expanding love and spiritual development by adhering to Tasbeeh’s simple advice and adopting it into your regular interactions.   

With the help of our Molvi Abdullah Hussain Ji’s astute advice, couples can use the tasbeeh to unite their hearts and invoke blessings on their marital love.  

Couples discover a transforming path through his teachings. Every tasbeeh bead transforms into a silent prayer, strengthening the bond and fostering enduring love between husband and wife.  

By using WhatsApp, you can get in touch with our Molvi Ji and ask for help with your issue. 

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