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Powerful Dua To Get My Love Back

Assalam Walaikum, my brothers and sisters of Islam. Today, we will tell you about the “most powerful dua for love back” that is helpful for married and unmarried people. We all know that life becomes dull and boring without love. Love is a necessity for a person’s existence. Love makes life beautiful, happy, and unforgettable.

Powerful Dua For Love Back 

For people who are in love, every moment of life becomes unforgettable. Love life is a journey that consists of many memories and experiences, both good and bad. But, when you find someone who cares for you the most, you feel complete. The Dua for true love is the prayer that helps people find that special someone soon.

If you wish to find a person who will love you the most, we have the most powerful dua for love back. The Islamic prayer is considered a dua to bring your lover back into your life. It is a helpful prayer for those who do not feel happy in their relationships.

Instructions To Keep In Mind Before Performing Dua

  • To get the best results from the dua, perform it after listening to the Adhaan.
  • We suggest you to sip the water of Zamzam before beginning this dua if you have it at home.
  • While performing the dua, it would be better to sit while facing the Qibla.
  • Always remember to perform Islamic duas in a halal way without using black magic or shirk.
  • In case you make a mistake while performing this dua, recite “Astaghfirullah” 10 times.
  • Do not lose faith in the powers and mercifulness of Allah Tala.

Perform Dua For Love Back Step By Step

  • Perform the dua for love back after completing the Fajr namaz (morning prayer).
  • After completing the namaz, collect all your thoughts and think of the person you love.
  • Then, begin to recite Durood Shareef 10 times followed by Surah Al-Hujurat.
  • After this, recite the dua  with a sincere heart.

To get the best results, perform the Islamic dua for my love for 11 days. With the help of this dua to get lost love back, your ex-lover will begin to fall in love with you once again. If you wonder “Can I Make Duas For Someone To Love Me Back ?”, you can consult our Islamic scholar.

Can I Make Dua For Someone To Love Me

When someone thinks of praying to Allah about praying to Allah about love, they should first find out “Can Allah Bring Someone Back Into Your Life?” The answer to this question from our Islam scholar is yes. You can ask Allah Tala to bring your love back with the help of prayers from Quran. You can do this with the help of our Islamic scholar Peer Abdullah Hussain.

Dua To Get My Love Back 

Arguments and fights are a very common reason behind relationships falling apart. If you are also facing similar problems in your marriage or relationships, you need the dua for love back. The dua to bring your lover back will help you achieve what you want in your life.  

With your Islamic scholar’s guidance, thousands of our readers have read and done “Dua for Love back.” This dua is written in the holy book of the Quran. You will not find this powerful dua for love marriage on any other website. We have the best dua to get your lover back. To get quick results, you can also read the dua for love back in 3 days to get your lover back quickly.

Method To Perform This Dua

  • Take a few pieces of a sweet dish that is not cooked.
  • Sit on your prayer mat in a quiet place and begin reciting Surah Al-Anbiya 100 times.
  • Then, chant “Ya Wadudu Ya Rahmu Ya Raahemu” 30 times in a soft voice.
  • At last, blow over the sweet dish and give it to the person you want to bring back into your life.

Remember to perform the dua to get your love back with a pure heart for 15 days. It is an effective wazifa to get love back. Your ex-lover or your distant spouse will once again fall in love with you because of the duas. This prayer will also act as a dua for long distance relationship as it will eliminate all the problems that you and your lover are facing.


How To Quickly Get Back Your Lost Love?

To perform the dua to get your love back, you must know how to recite surah Al Qariah. The first eleven verses of the surah for love back will help you get your lost love back. This will happen only if you have complete faith in Allah Tala and have a genuine reason to perform this dua for love. Married women can read this as a dua for husband love.

We will now share the steps to Perform Dua For Getting Lost Love Back Immediately:

  •     After completing any Salat, Perform Wudu and collect all your thoughts.
  •     Then Say “Allahu Akbar” x 5 Times and think of the person for whom you are performing this dua.
  •     Recite “Wa-huwa l-aliyyu l-Azim” 100 Times in a soft voice with eyes closed.
  •     Finally, Pray to almighty Allah for getting your love back into your life soon.

Perform this ritual of the dua for love back for four days. Make sure you begin this process on a Friday Night if you want a more effective result. This Dua to get someone back in your life is the easiest Dua for love on any of the websites on the internet from Qur’an.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Surah to make someone love you?

Read this surah to make someone fall in love with you. If you have any confusion about recite this surah for love then you can consult with our Molvi Sab.

Is there any Islamic Wazifa for Love Back in 3 Days?

The wazifa for love back will instantly create a craving for you in their heart and they will start thinking of you and missing you. Eventually, they will come to you on their own and re-start the relationship. The wazifa for love will make your relationship stronger than before and wipe out all the differences between you.

Is there any strong Wazifa for husband love back?

The wazifa for husband love will not just revive your relationship but will strengthen it and mend the loose ends. It will never let any distractions come in the future. However, you should only practice this if you really want your husband love back. 

I want my crush attention and love. Can I do this dua for myself?

If you are one of them and you want your crush to meet you as soon as possible, then you should read dua to put love in someone’s heart for me. With the help of this love back dua, you can attract your true love towards you and Insha Allah, you both will never part.

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