Powerful Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately


Are some people trying to bring you down and constantly planning against you? Are you tired of battling your adversaries and longing for a peaceful life? If yes, then we are here with the best dua to destroy enemy immediately. Read this article carefully to find out how to read the 99 names of Allah to destroy enemy.

Do you wish to rid yourself of your enemies and want them to leave you alone? consider the powerful dua to destroy enemy immediately to solve your problems.

There are individuals who will go to any lengths to tarnish your reputation and harm your family. These are the types of people you should avoid and distance yourself from. These enemies must be dealt with as soon as possible. This is why one must perform the dua to destroy enemy immediately.

If you feel someone in your life is taking advantage of you and trying to bring you down from your ladder of success, you must use this dua for victory over your enemy.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

What is the Quranic Dua To Destroy Enemies?

People who betray you are often so toxic that maintaining any relationship with them is impossible. Shockingly, some people discover that their closest friends and relatives are secretly trying to harm them. With the help of such effective dua to destroy enemy immediately, you can counter their negative intentions.

Life is uncertain, and you never know what might happen next. Therefore, you should take the help of the dua to destroy your enemy immediately.

If situations have spiraled out of control and you believe nothing will improve, seeking refuge in duas and wazifas is the best solution. The dua to get rid of enemies can protect you against their harmful intentions. Insha Allah, you will notice that they start leaving you alone and minding their own business.

What is Dua To Expose Enemy in Islam?

Before you perform the dua to punish enemy, yo must expose them to the world. For this you need to read the dua to expose enemy to reveal the plot they have created against you. This dua against enemies and oppressors will destroy you enemy’s plan against you and your life will get better.

Perform the dua to destroy enemy immediately and for protection from enemies as follows:

  1. Make fresh ablution and recite 99 names of Allah to destroy enemy.
  2. Recite Durood E Shareef thrice.
  3. Now take a glass of water and recite ‚ÄúAllah Husammad‚ÄĚ 101 times.
  4. Read the Surah Yaseen for enemies before Allah for protecting you against the evil intentions of your opponents.
  5. To end the process of dua for enemies to be destroyed, recite Salawat thrice.
  6. Blow your breath on the water as soon as you complete the most powerful dua to destroy enemy.

Sprinkle this water all over your house and the walls of your rooms. This is effective in getting rid of the effects of black magic. If you feel that someone has used black magic on you and your family, you can read dua to punish enemy. With the help of this most powerful dua against enemies and oppressors you can free yourself from its negative effects.

Some people are always jealous and want everything that you have. If you feel that someone is trying to break your relationship and is trying to separate you from your lover then you must take the right step immediately. These issues when left unresolved lead to many conflicts in the relationship. You might even end up breaking up with your lover.

dua to destroy enemies

What is the Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately?

Dua or wazifa to get rid of enemies are a great way to make Allah listen to your prayers directly.  Whenever you make duas, you must have faith and believe in the powers of Almighty Allah. In case if someone is trying to harm you, you can seek protection from ALLAH Talah by reciting powerful dua for protection from enemies. There is a powerful dua for enemies to be destroyed  which we will explain in detail, if you contact us.

If you are being attacked by your enemies from all fronts, we suggest you read the surah to destroy enemy immediately. It is a surah for victory over enemy that will give you the courage to fight all the attacks.

Perform Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately for Quick Results

To perform the dua to destroy enemies plan, follow this step-wise process:

  • After completing the Asr namaz, you have to recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then, recite Surah Kausar to destroy enemy 11 times.
  • Followed with the dua to get rid of enemies: Allaah Hummaa Min azzilal Kitabi Sari Al Hisaab Ihzimaal Azhaabaa Allaah Humma Ihzim Hum W Zalzeel Humm
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 more times and think of all the negative things your enemy has done to you.
  • Pray to Allah to punish your enemy for what he has done to you.

Perform this dua to destroy enemy immediately for at least 21 days. Insha Allah, soon your enemy will suffer because of the dua for enemies.

Dua For Victory Over Enemy in islam

Stepwise process to Perform Dua For Victory Over Enemy From Quran

  1. Perform wudu (ablution).
  2. Find a quiet and clean place to sit.
  3. Recite Surah Al-Fatiha once.
  4. Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi three times.
  5. Recite Surah Al-Fil five times.
  6. Make your intention (niyyah) to seek protection from your enemies.
  7. Recite the dua: “Allahumma inna naj’aluka fee nuhoorihim wa na’oodhu bika min shuroorihim” (O Allah, we place You before them and seek refuge in You from their evils).
  8. Pray sincerely to Allah to protect you from your enemies and grant you victory over them.
    Conclude by sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

If you wish to save your relationship and want to get rid of such envious people, then dua for victory over enemy is the perfect solution for that. For more information and details you can consult our Molvi Ji via +91-9855923779 or Instagram.

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