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Dua To Break Someone Engagement or Marriage

Dua To Break Someone Engagement

Do you love someone but cannot be with them because they are getting married to someone else? A lot of people get heartbroken when their relationship is not accepted by their partner’s parents. In such cases, it is commonly seen that their partner is then forced to marry someone of their parents’ choice. How to break someone’s engagement is the obvious question that comes to mind in this situation. If your ex-girlfriend’s or ex-boyfriend’s marriage has been fixed then the dua to break someone engagement will help you. It is a very powerful dua to break someone’s marriage if it is happening against their wish.

Is your ex-lover being forced to get married to someone else? Do you wish to reconcile back with your partner so that you both can live together and get married soon? To beak the unwanted or forced marriage of a person, the dua to break someone’s engagement is the perfect remedy. It is the perfect dua that will help you in breaking off the engagement or marriage of a person.

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Surah Dua To Break Someone Marriage in Islam

Dua To Break Marriage

In a marriage, the lives of two different people get tied together for a lifetime. In a marriage, it is very important for the spouses to live in harmony. This is why a person should have full freedom to choose their own life partner for getting married. This decision is a life-changing one and should be taken only when you are ready for it. Some people do not have that luxury in life. This is where the dua to break someone marriage comes to help.

The dua to break someone’s marriage is helpful for all those people who are being forced to get married. There are many people whose parents fix their marriage against their wish. This situation is suffocating and depressing for any person who is stuck in it. This is why the dua to break marriage is a remedy that is helpful in this case.

Here is the Strong Wazifa To Break Engagement

Just like the dua, wazifa to break engagement is also a helpful method to break unwanted marriage. People who want to know how to break marriage proposal often come across this dua or wazifa. We are now going to tell you the process of performing the dua or wazifa to break your own engagement.

  • Make a fresh ablution to clean yourself and sit on your prayer mat in a quiet place.
  • The first step of this wazifa is to recite the Rak’at Tahajjud Namaz two times.
  • Then, begin reciting Durood-E-Inaam eleven times.
  • Now Open 45th Chapter of the Holy Quran And Read Surah Al-Jathiyah three times.
  • After That, Recite this Dua to break someone engagement “Laa Illaha Ill-Allahul Waahidull Qahhar”. Recite this dua 100 times in a soft whisper.
  • Finally, Pray to Almighty Allah to break the specific person’s engagement. You can also wish to break your own engagement if your marriage has been fixed against your wish.

To know the effects of how this dua to break engagement works, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab. He will tell you how this dua works and how many days does it take for it to show desired results.

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