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Wazifa And Dua to Control Husband in Islam


Every wife desires to control her husband. No wife wants her husband should leave her for some other woman. But controlling her husband is not an easy task. To control her spouse’s mind, a wife can practice Islamic dua to control husband mind. In this article, we will talk about the dua for controlling husband and wazifa to control husband in detail. 

Dua To Control My Husband 

Wal LadheenaYakuLoomaRabbanaaHabb Lanaa Miin AzwajinaaWaDhuurriiyatinaKurratan Ainuu Wajaa Alanaa Lil MuttaqeenaImama

Your relationship may go through a rough period, and you may be at a loss to explain the source of the tension. If you’re ready to give your marriage another try and reignite the passion that once burned brightly between you, the Wazifa for husband controlling can assist. You need to recite the above mentioned dua to  control my husband by our Molvi Sahab.

Hence, if you want to improve your relationship with your spouse, get full control, or make your marriage happier and stronger than ever, the Wazifa for controlling the husband is the way to go. If you use it to help bring your husband closer to you, your marriage will be blissful in the eyes of Allah. If you trust Allah Talah and the Wazifa for the husband controlling you are reciting, everything will be okay very soon.

Wazifa To Control Husband

Every wife fears that her husband might be having an affair with another woman. Often we see that husbands find another woman more attractive than their wife. They think that another woman is more beautiful as compared to their wives. Slowly they start spending less time with their wives. There is a gap being generated between husband and wife. To reduce this gap, women must learn to perform the wazifa to control husband.

Separation is a grave matter that the wife has to deal with. No wife wants her husband should leave her and tie the knot with some other woman. That is why the wife must take necessary actions to control him immediately. When the wife controls her husband, her husband will never leave her and go to another woman. Dua or wazifa to control husband mind will make him responsible towards his spouse. You can acquire the steps of the dua by getting in touch with our Molvi sahab.

Islamic Dua to Control HusbandWazifa For Control Husband

Many husbands are very violent. They dominate their wives. They misbehave with them on every small occasion. It is difficult for the wife to spend her life with a violent man. In such cases, women must contact an Islamic scholar for the dua to control husband mind. This dua for controlling husband is a remedy that will help a woman in changing her man’s habits. 

A wife must control her husband by reading the dua to control husband mind. When a man gets out of control, it becomes tough for the wife to spend her whole life with such a person. Dua for controlling husband’s mind is helpful for such wives who want to control their husband’s nature and anger.

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

Usually, in arranged marriages, husbands and wives don’t know each other. It becomes to make understanding between each other. But some wives are significantly dominating. They want to have complete control of their husbands. They want to dominate their husband’s whole life. Wazifa for controlling husband is the best option that these wives can practice.

The wife knows that if she can control her husband, then she can fulfil every dream of her through her husband. But the wife needs to perform wazifa to control her husband very carefully because if not, then only the wife has to suffer severe consequences.

Here Is The Dua To Control Husband Mind

Wazifa To Control Husband

Wazifa to control husband should be done like this-

  • Firstly the person performing this Wazifa should wear new clothes.
  • After that, he should recite Dua Mansoor 25 times.
  • Then he should read this Dua for controlling husband.

“Wa aatoohunna ujoorahunna bilma roofi muhsanaatin”

  • Recite this wazifa to control husband mind 2500 times.
  • After reciting this wazifa for husband controlling then take the name of your husband 52 times.
  • Then read Attiyahat 96 times and take some clothes for your husband.
  • And donate those clothes to any poor person.
  • After that read Surah Fatiha 125 times.
  • Perform this wazifa for controlling husband for 6 days.

For any questions about the dua or wazifa to control your husband, you can consult our Islamic scholar. You can call him on the number: tel:+91-9855923779 or connect with him on Instagram.

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