Islamic Prayer For Your Marriage and Failing Marriage

Prayer For Our Marriage

Prayer For Your Marriage

Asking Allah for an effective marriage is done by all Muslims if they are married or unmarried. The individuals who are married ought to go to Allah to favor their marriage as long as they are alive. Married people ask Allah to bless their marriage through the prayer for your marriage.

It is easy to request Allah for a decent life partner. You should simply kneel towards him and share your heartfelt feelings with him. In the event that your marriage is going through difficulties and inconveniences. You should request that Allah finish your torment. With the use of prayer for your marriage, Allah will soon bless you with peace in your married life. Always remember that Allah has total information on what is in your heart. Allah realizes that your marriage is in a difficult situation. And all He needs is to ask Him for help.

Prayer For Failing Marriage

It is impossible to find a marriage that does not has its ups and downs. Every married couple should keep their faith in Allah. This faith and trust will always keep their marriage blessed by Allah Taala. 

A couple should not just blindly depend on the prayer for our marriage to keep their marriage healthy. Survival of marriage mostly depends on the efforts taken by the husband and wife. They both have to make efforts to keep their relationship balanced. They both need to make certain compromises and sacrifices in the marriage to keep each other happy.

Another very effective use of prayer for our marriage is for the couple who wants a love marriage. In our society, the path towards a love marriage is a very difficult one. This is because of the narrow mindset of certain people in society. To fight all the problems and get married to the love of their life, a person should definitely begin reciting this dua as soon as possible.

Prayer For Your Marriage

Islamic Solution For Marriage Problems

We can without much of an effort discover disturbed relationships in our family and relations. Troubled relationships are only a sort of marriage that experiences such a large number of difficulties. It is significant in a marriage that spouses love and regard each other. This love should exist for a solid establishment of the family. In most cases, they just ‘love’ each other for their kids, the spousal relationship generally stays stressed.

This situation leads to the failure of a marriage. We should always remember that Allah is responsible for all that occurs. We should just make an honest effort to remain confident and idealistic. For finding the strength to save your marriage, you should perform the prayer for failing marriage.

The stepwise procedure of performing the prayer for failing marriage is here:-

  • Read this prayer on any day of the week.
  • Firstly, perform ablution.
  • Take a piece of cloth that is clean and write “Al Wadudoo” on it 35 times.
  • Keep this cloth in a safe place where no other person can reach it. This piece of cloth has to keep in that place until your failing marriage is saved.
  • When everything turns normal in your marriage, you have to take this piece of cloth and throw it in a clean water body (lake or pond).

If you want to know more details about this prayer, you can directly talk to our Maulvi Sahab.

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