Prayer For Marriage Restoration – Prayer For Marriage To Be Restored

Prayer For Marriage Restoration

Prayer For Marriage Restoration

Marriage is considered to be a commitment of a lifetime. Two people who marry each other promise to love each other for the rest of their lives. This promise of a lifetime is however gets easily broken these days. It is very common to see couples getting divorced after just a few months of marriage. There are several remedies in the Holy Quran. That helps a couple in avoiding the decision of divorce. The best remedy for this issue is a prayer for marriage restoration.

Always remember that Islam does not allow its followers to consider divorce as a small issue. The people who take divorce for some petty issues. And those issues are considered sinners in the eye of Allah. If a couple thinks that getting rid of the issues they face in their marriage is impossible, they need prayer for marriage restoration. The prayer for marriage restoration also called the dua for restoration has helped a lot of couples that were on the verge of divorce.

It is very common between couples that small and almost insignificant issues could blast a major fight. The disagreement between the couple can continue for days or even months. Marriage is not successful if everything is perfect or happy between the married couple. The efforts of husband and wife can make a marriage successful. They both have to discipline themselves, let go of their egos and be patient towards each other.

Prayer For Marriage To Be Restored

Prayer For Marriage To Be Restored

With the help of the prayer for marriage to be restored, a couple learns to sacrifice and compromise a lot of things for their partner. This brings a balance in their married life. This balance brings peace and affection back to their marriage which makes them cancel their decision of marriage.

The purpose of the marriage is to find tranquility, peace, affection and mercy. Almost every married couple goes through a vulnerable phase in their life where their marriage begins to struggle. This struggling phase mostly leads to the end of the marriage.

Just remember that Allah Taala is always there to help a true Muslim. Remember that by seeking the help of Allah, nothing could overpower you or your relationship. There is no situation that overpowers Allah Almighty. If you want to make efforts to save your marriage from ending. You should begin reciting the prayer to save marriage.

Dua to Save Marriage in Islam

The Islamic prayer for restoration of marriage is a highly effective prayer that has saved a lot of marriages from divorce. It has prevented a lot of couples from going through the painful heartbreak of their marriage ending.

With the help of the prayer for restoration of marriage, many couples have been able to sort out all the issues in their life. The confusions and disputes that were leading them towards a divorce instantly disappear within a short period of time.

Let us now tell you how to perform the prayer for saving marriage:

  • First of all, recite Dudoor Shareef 11 times after the Isha Namaz.
  • Then, recite the 47th Ayat of Surah Hijri 101 times.
  • After this, “Innaallaah Yasmaaiu Maayash,” for 777 times
  • You have to imagine your spouse’s face while doing reciting this dua.

Within a few weeks of performing this dua to restore marriage, the issues in your married life will begin to disappear. You and your partner will once again be able to give a fresh start to your marriage.

If you want to get more information about these prayers, then you can directly contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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