Hadith About Marriage and Love in Urdu

Hadith about Marriage and Love

Hadith About Marriage and Love

It is haram and completely haram to force your daughters and sons for arrange marriage. In one of the hadith about marriage and love it says, you shouldn’t ever force your children to get married against their will. However, most parents don’t realize it. They force their kids to marry someone they have chosen. If you are here, then you must be facing a similar trauma in your love. The hadith about love marriage in Urdu here will help you explain the situation to your parents in a better way.

As per a hadith about marriage and love, if someone comes to you with the intention of marriage and he is pure in his deen, then accept that boy immediately for your daughter. If you don’t, there will be corruption. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SallalLaahuAlaihiWassalam (pbuh) said a hadith on marriage stating a woman should be married for four things, her deen, her status, her money and her beauty. Choose a woman with deen to be safe.

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Hadith On Marriage

Hadith on Marriage

In another hadith on marriage, it has been said that “a father shouldn’t marry his daughter to an old or ugly person, but should do it to someone like her.” Similarly, the hadith on marriage are legit and have been given to us by our beloved Prophet SallalLaahuAlaihiWasallam. It is obligatory for every Muslim to follow his guidelines as Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala want us to live our lives according to our Prophet. (pbuh).

While no parents can force their kids for marriage, it is prohibited for the children also to do secret marriages, without the consent of their parents or guardians. It is considered void. Following the hadith for marriage will help you the right partner for yourself. According to a hadith for marriage, if a woman marries without the consent of her wali, the marriage is considered invalid.

Hadith About Love Before Marriage

In another hadith to get a happy married life in Islam, it is said that if you love someone, then come to your parents and confess it and ask them to get you married. And for the parents, it is said that they shouldn’t let their ego come in between and consider the happiness of their kids and get their child married to someone he/ she wants. The hadith about love before marriage doesn’t make dating halal. Dating is haram and you shouldn’t think of having a love affair before marriage.

In another hadith on marriage, our Prophet PBUH said, “Nikah is my way and whoever doesn’t do it, is not from me”. According to a hadith about love marriage in Urdu, it is said that there is nothing wrong about having love for someone in your heart. However, you shouldn’t turn it into an illicit relationship, rather get married and turn it into a halal relationship.

For any knowledge on hadith about marriage and love, you can consult our molvi sahib and seek his guidance. He will give you the right directions for your situation.

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