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Powerful Dua For Parents Health And Long Life


Dua For Parents

Aslam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu My Lovely Muslim brothers and also sisters. In today’s post, we give you a beautiful Dua For Parents Health, Wellness, and Long Life. You can read the Dua for your parents to have good health.

Our parents are a very significant part of our life. They teach us every aspect of our life. A mother who brings you into this world and a father who gives you life is precious. We will never be able to repay the efforts our parents make for us.

We can only try to make them happy and pray for their health and long life. In Islam, it can be done with the help of the beautiful dua for parents health and long life. This dua is a way to wish for your parents’ health. Beautiful Dua For Parents Health

Before reading the dua for parents health and long life, you need to follow these directions:

  • Perform this dua only after performing wudu.
  • If you are a woman reading the beautiful dua for parents, do not perform it during your periods.
  • Before you read this dua, take a sip of water of Zamzam.
  • Always have faith in the power of Allah Tala and his mercy.
  • Perform istighfar if you make any mistake while reading this dua.
  • Always perform a dua while facing the Kibla.
  • You can perform Dua for parents health and long life after any salah.

Beautiful Dua For Parents

Step by step process to perform dua for parents good health from Quran.

  • Chant “Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam” 100 times.
  • “Rabbi aawzia aneee An Asshkuraa Niaamatakaa Allattee Annaa amta Aaalayya Waal awaalidayya Waan Aaamala Sali haan Tarddahu waaslih Li Fi Thurriy yatee Innii Tubttuilayka Waa-Innee Miina Almu Usli Meen”. Recite this powerful dua for parents health and long life at least 101 times with a sincere heart.
  • At last, pray to Allah to keep your parents happy and healthy.

Dua for parents is an easy and effective dua. You can recite it any time to keep them blessed. However, if they are ill and you wish to read it to bring them back to health, perform it for 15 days regularly.

If you need Dua For Parents Health And Long Life for a specific purpose, consult our Islamic scholar.

Dua For Parents Happiness

To perform the dua for parents happiness, follow this ritual:

  •  Perform the manzil dua early in the morning.
  • Then, recite the dua for your parent’s happiness: “Adhhib Al-Ba’s Rabb An-Naas, Wa’shfi Anta Al-Shaafi, Laa Shifaa’a Illa Shifaa’uka Shifaa’an Laa Yughaadir Saqaman.” 101 times.
  • After completing this, blow over a glass of water. Make your parents drink this water as soon as possible.
  • At last, with a sincere mind, ask Allah to accept your dua for parents happiness.

You can also perform this dua after a namaz. Consult our Maulvi Ji directly if you are reading this dua because your parents are sick. He will immediately help you get the best results from the dua for parents.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the dua for parent’s happiness along with dua for father or mother health.. We will help you perform these duas properly. You can contact us for the dua for mother health if your mother is sick. We also have the dua for father health for those who wish to bring their father back to health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to read the Surah For Parents Health And Long Life?

Reading the surah Al-Isra is helpful for parents’ health and long life. To perform this dua, make sure you are clean after performing wudu. Read this surah properly to get your parents blessed with good health.

What is the wazifa for parents long life?

Just like the dua for parents health and long life, there is a prayer called wazifa for parents long life. This wazifa shows great results when performed sincerely. Perform ablution first and complete the Fajr namaz. Keep Zamzam water near you and recite all the eight dhikr. Blow over the water, take your mother’s and father’s names, and make them drink it. You can also perform this prayer as the dua for mother and father. If sick, this dua will make them healthier within three days.

Which dua for parents in Quran is the most effective?

The holy Quran has many prayers that help us in various aspects of life. Reading the dua for parents is done about the Surah An-Nisa. Surah like “Wa’budul laaha wa laa tushrikoo bihee” and “Yaa qawmi innamaa haazihil hayaatud duniya” are the most powerful duas for parents.

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