Dua For Early Marriage For Girl in Islam

Dua For Early Marriage
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Dua For Early Marriage

Marriages are bonds that are made in heaven and they tied not only two partners in a relationship but also their families as well. If you are such a person whose marriage is not fixing anywhere and you are getting elder day by day. Then this must be making you anxious but, there is no need to worry as there are always help for mankind in form of Islamic prayers like duas and wazifas mentioned in the Islamic holy book Quran for such problems. You can always recite dua for early marriage in Islam to get married to a good person at the right time.

Early marriage dua will not only be helpful to you in getting marriage proposals fast but also will remove the hurdles in marriage as well.  if you are such a person who is not getting married for a long time and wants to get married desperately then this dua is for you.

Dua For Early Marriage

The Biggest worry parent of a girl have is about her marriage as they feel socially pressurized after a particular age of the girl. In our society, there are different benchmarks set for girls and for boys. Generally, if a boy is a bachelor till 30, he is considered a responsible career-oriented guy while girls not marrying since 30 can provoke different thoughts in family and society.

It’s a common thought that girls should not remain unmarried unless they are involved in something like higher studies, job or business, etc. However, there are many girls who want to get married but get rejected multiple times due to their physical appearances like looks, height, beauty, and color. They feel quite desperate about not getting married. For such girls and their parents, Islam has a solution i.e. dua about marriage for girls in an early manner.  if you will recite early marriage dua for girls in Islam then Allah Talah will shower his blessings on you and Insha Allah soon you will be able to get a good marriage proposal from a decent family.

Here, we are giving you a simple marriage duas for girls from Islam that can be recited by both parents and girls.

  • To get dua for early marriages in Islam for girls or boys, you can always recite the powerful dua of Surah Yasin from the Quran. This Surah Yasin dua is quite powerful and considered as the heart of the Quran because of the endless blessings offered.
  • As an alternate method verse number 24 of Surah Qasas is always considered as the best option for girls and boys if they want to get married early with a better partner. Girls should recite surah duha for 11 times after fazr namaz while boy should recite this verse 100 times to get a better partner.

Insha Allah, you will be showered with Allah talah’s blessings after reciting this duas from a true heart. In case if you need any guidance, you can always speak to our Islamic scholar Molvi Rashid Khan Ji. He will guide you in marriage related issues.


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