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Benefits of Surah Mumtahina For Marriage Proposals In Quran


Surah Al-Mumtahina, the 60th chapter of the Quran, holds spiritual and moral significance for Muslims. It contains 13 verses and is known for its guidance on various aspects of relationships, loyalty, and international diplomacy. In this article, we will share the benefits and key teachings of Surah Al-Mumtahina for marriage proposal.

What Are The Benefits of Surah Mumtahina?

1. Guidance on Diplomacy: Surah Al-Mumtahina addresses the issue of diplomatic relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. It provides guidance on how to engage with non-Muslims, especially during times of conflict or uncertainty. It encourages peaceful coexistence and fair treatment of non-Muslims.

2. Loyalty and Obedience to Allah: The surah emphasizes the importance of unwavering loyalty to Allah and His Messenger, even when faced with opposition or pressure from disbelievers. It teaches Muslims to prioritize their faith over all else.

3. Prohibition of Enmity: It instructs Muslims not to maintain enmity towards those who have not fought against them due to their faith. This underscores the Quranic principle of avoiding aggression and promoting peaceful relations whenever possible.

4. Justice and Equity: Surah Al-Mumtahina underscores the importance of justice and equity in all dealings, regardless of the faith of the individuals involved. It encourages Muslims to be fair and just in their interactions.

5. Marital Relations: The surah addresses the issue of Muslim women married to non-Muslim men. It allows such marriages to continue only if the non-Muslim spouses do not actively oppose the Muslim faith, ensuring the protection of Muslim women’s rights.

6. Protection of Believers: Surah Al-Mumtahina serves as a reminder of Allah’s protection and guidance for believers. It assures them that Allah is their ultimate protector and that they should place their trust in Him.

7. Guidance on Oaths: The surah provides guidance on the proper way to handle oaths and vows, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling one’s commitments.

8. Principles of Foreign Relations: It contains principles that can be applied to modern international diplomacy, emphasizing the importance of fairness, justice, and peaceful coexistence in interactions between nations and communities.

Surah Al-Mumtahina offers valuable guidance on diplomacy, loyalty to Allah, and the principles of just and equitable relations with non-Muslims. It encourages Muslims to maintain their faith, practice fairness in their dealings, and seek peaceful solutions in their interactions with others. The surah’s teachings promote harmony and ethical conduct in both personal and international relationships, making it a source of valuable moral and ethical guidance for Muslims.

Keep on reading further if you want to understand the benefits of Surah Mumtahina for marriage proposal in detail.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Surah Mumtahina For Marriage?

Let’s now delve deeper into the benefits of Surah Mumtahina for marriage. The Surah Mumtahina is the ideal dua for marriage proposal acceptance, yet many people who are worried about acquiring a suitable marriage proposal are unaware of this.

A person must read the Surah Mumtahina wazifa for marriage if they intend to be married soon. They will locate a suitable partner if they recite Surah Mumtahana for marriage proposal five times daily after each salah. Using this powerful Islamic prayer, a person can mend their marriage.

Allah will assist anyone who performs the Surah Mumtahina wazifa with perfect confidence in order to propose marriage. They will receive the best marriage proposal from The Almighty from the strangest of sources. For people who are having difficulties in their marriage, the Surah Muntaha Benefits for Marriage is also a beneficial supplication.

The following is a list of the steps to performing the Surah Mumtahina for marriage:

  • The Surah Al-Mumatahana should be recited first on the first Friday of the Hijri month.
  • To begin the Surah Muntaha, perform ablution and the Esha namaz.
  • Consider the type of marriage proposal you would like to get right now.
  • Raise your hands and say the following stanza aloud:

“Eilohim, maikal, maikal aur gebriyal aur ijaraayal aur toret moshe aur enajil eesaa aur firakaan mahamood.” 40 times should be spoken aloud when reciting this dua.

We advise reciting Surah Mumtahina wazifa for marriage proposal for at least 21 days to receive the best marriage proposals. Contact our Molvi Ji if you have any inquiries on the advantages of Surah Mumtahana for marriage.

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