Prayer For Love and Peace – Miracle Prayer For Loved Ones

Prayer For Love And Peace

Prayer For Love And Peace

Love is the purest feeling in this world. When a person loves someone, they always pray for their happiness. Selflessness is one of the best habits that love brings out in a person. When a person truly loves another person, it becomes impossible to even think anything harmful for them. In our life, we come across various kinds of love. Our life consists of a lot (maybe a few) people who we love dearly. Wishing to keep these people happy is just not sufficient in the current times. We must include the prayer for love and peace of all the people we love and care about.

In the modern world, the life of every person is hectic. The rush of the competitive world has snatched away the peace of every person’s life. Finding the balance between personal and professional lives seems to be a pain. Due to this hectic life, the love and peace from life seem to disappear. People’s emotions begin to struggle which in turn makes their life more problematic.

The prayer for love and peace is a very basic and simple prayer that every person should include in their routine. With the help of this prayer, people can make their life calmer and more peaceful.

Prayer For Loved Ones

Prayer For Loved Ones

In our whole life, there are multiple faces of love we come across. The first one comes right from the moment we are born, of our parents. The love from parents is the most selfless kind of love. Parents love their children without any kind of expectations from them. Throughout out childhood to becoming an adult, love of our mother and father is what brings peace in our life. In return for this selfless love, we should at least say a prayer for loved ones before Allah.

Prayer for loved ones is a simple prayer that one should recite before Allah to keep all our loved people always happy. This dua is a tiny effort to keep all the special people of our lives away from any kind of harm. This prayer can also be considered as gratitude given to the Almighty for having such people in our lives.

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Miracle Prayer For Love

Another special aspect of love in human life is the love from a partner. A soul mate is a person who you love for the rest of your life. You get to meet this person when it is decided by your destiny. This person is destined to become your life partner by none other than Allah himself. The love this person brings in your life cannot ever be compared to another feeling in life. This feeling can be brought in your life through the miracle prayer for love.

Many people are lucky enough to find this destined person in their life at the right time. Within a short time, they get married to them and then get to spend the rest of their lives together. But for some people, the situation is not the same. After years of searching, the wait for the right person seems impossible.

To make this impossible situation become a reality, one needs the miracle prayer for love. With the help of this miraculous prayer for love, a person who had lost hope of finding love gets to see it in a very short span of time.

Allaahumma allif bayna qulubina

wa aslih dhata baynina

wahdina subul as-salam

This simple prayer will always help you in finding the love and peace you need and deserve in your life.

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