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Most Powerful Dua To Make Someone Miss You


Are you trying to get someone’s attention and want to make them fall for you? If you have been craving someone’s attention and want them to miss you too then you can take the help of the dua to make someone miss you. Many times when couples fight they get upset with each other and do not talk to each other for days. But this can be really frustrating for the one who isn’t able to live without the other or feel like their partner is growing distant from them. It is in these cases that you can read the surah to make someone love you again.

You can also take help of this prayer or dua or ayat, if your girlfriend or boyfriend had a fight with you and now are having thoughts of breaking up with you. The ayat will make them miss you the way you are missing them. They will forgive and forget everything and will make a healthy undying bond with you. 

Follow the procedure given below to read the dua to make someone miss you:

  1. Make wuzu and wear clean clothes.
  2. Now recite Salawat three times.
  3. After this recite, “Minal Abdidh – dhaleel IIal Mawlal Jalee” 300 times and visualize the face of your lover.
  4. In the end, recite salawat 3 times and pray to Allah to bring your partner back to you and to make them think about you.

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Miss You

dua to make someone think of you

We all have some special people in our life without whom life seems incomplete. There are some people whom we always miss and hope they miss us too. If you have someone special in your life and want them to miss you always, we have a very special prayer for you. The powerful wazifa to make someone miss you is the perfect prayer to make a person miss you madly.

The dua to make someone miss you is a very powerful Quranic dua. If you love someone, it is obvious that you would want to spend every moment with them. The moments spent apart sometimes become too difficult. During the time partners stay apart, missing each other is the most common feeling. If you think that your partner does not miss you, then just read the powerful wazifa to make someone miss you.

Let us now tell you how to read the powerful wazifa to make someone miss you.

  • To begin this ritual, make sure you have performed ablution properly.
  • Then sit down on your prayer mat to begin the ritual of the dua to make someone miss you.
  • Begin reciting “Hasbi Allahu Laa Illaha Illa Huwwa Alaihi Tawakka Altu Waa Huwwa Rab-Ba Arshil Azeem”. Chant this verse for 101 times in a soft voice continuously.
  • After completing this recitation, ask Allah SWT to fulfill your wish.

Dua To Make Someone Think of You


Do you love someone truly and want them to feel the same for you? Are you in search of a prayer that will make your crush contact you first? The dua to make someone call you is the prayer that you need.

When you read the dua to make someone think of you with a pure intention, all your wishes come true very soon. It is the best prayer that one can read to make a person take the first step to contact you. Dua to make someone think of you is a simple dua to make someone contact or call you soon.

To make someone think of you first, perform the steps of this dua mentioned below:

  • Clean yourself thoroughly by performing ablution.
  • Keep a glass full of water and keep it before your prayer mat.
  • Begin reciting Surah Ya-sin eleven times while imagining the person you love.
  • Chant this verse: “Yafjan Gafar Ompina To Qaari Walai Qoray To Nami Sa Waila Riba Simaah”.
  • You have to chant this verse 200 times and end the ritual by making a prayer to Allah Tala.
  • Perform this process for the whole week.

Dua To Make Him Miss Me

Have you fought with your boyfriend and are not talking to him? Is your boyfriend not talking to you and you want him to miss you? If yes, then you must read the dua to make him miss me.

With the help of the dua to make him miss you, you can make him forget all his anger. This prayer will help you in resolving all the fights and disputes between you and your partner.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Wazifa To Make Someone Contact You

If your lover has become angry or hasn’t contacted for quite some time now and you want him/ her to contact you as soon as possible, then Wazifa to make someone contact you is the best remedy in this regard. It will make your lover miss you badly and he/ she will immediately give you a call. The wazifa to make someone contact you will narrow down the gap which is abridging between you and your lover. It will make you and your partner contact more often and deepen your love.

It is important to consult our Molvi sb to find out how to make talk to you. Once you perform the Wazifa in the correct manner, it will definitely give you the desired results. However, you should recite the Wazifa with pure intent to get the best results. Making someone love you isn’t simple. But, nothing is impossible for Allah. Find out how to make someone love you and recite the Wazifa for make someone talk to you and see the results on your own. You will definitely get your crush in your life and be married to that person soon.

Here is the Step by Step Process of Wazifa to Make Someone Contact you

  • First, make ablution and sit in a silent place.
  • Then recite 3 times “Salawat”.
  • After that, recite this dua 100 times “Wa Tam Mat Kali Mato Rabbika Sidkan Wa Adlal La Mubad Dila Li Kalimatihi Wa Huwas Samiyul Aleem” & think about the person whom you wish to connect.
  • Finally, again repeat “Salawat” as before 3 times.

Wazifa For Making Someone Love You Madly


How about you come to know that the person you love will be yours forever? Wouldn’t it be the best feeling in this world? Don’t you want your crush to be yours? Well, the simple way to make someone love you exactly like you love him/ her is by performing dua to make someone change their mind and love you back.

If you think that your lover takes you for granted and he/ she is not serious about you at all, then you should find out wazifa for making someone love you madly. The Wazifa will bring that person into your life. And It will also attract your love to you and make them feel care, or compassion for you.

If you have a lover and you want him/her to get more involved with you and you wish them to love you madly, then Wazifa for making someone love you madly will help you. The Wazifa for love will melt the heart of your lover and he/ she will love with the same intensity as you desire.  Once you know the procedure, it will be simple for you to change their mind and heart and make them fall in love with you.

You want to make your boyfriend talk to you then just read this dua to make him call me now.

Dua to Make Someone Change Their Mind And Love you Back

Wazifa to make someone love you back from Quran is given below:

  • Wazifa to make someone contact youTake 7 fragranced flowers and on every flower recite the dua mentioned below

Wa La Qad Fatanna Sulaimana Wa Alkaina Ala Kur Siyyihi Jasadan Summa Anaab

  • And take the name of your lover along with his/ her mother’s name. 
  • Then take your name and your mother’s name and blow on the flower.
  • Now present the flowers to your lover and make them smell it.
  • Insha Allah, he/ she will immediately fall in love with you.

If the Wazifa doesn’t work for you in the first stance, then contact our Molvi get something more powerful and effective. Insha Allah, he will help you out with the best possible remedy in this regard.

To know more about the to make someone miss you, you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab personally.

Dua to Make Him Think of Me

Maybe he doesn’t think of you just because might be he is already in a relationship with someone else and you never know about this, maybe you are not expecting this from him/her. There are further other various reasons and it can be the family pressure or any other causes which are keeping you away from him. But if you pursue this dua to make him think of me then you will get the best results. And you will be blessed with excellent powers to get control over any person. Furthermore, you would be blessed to get your effective influence over him. Whatever could be the situation but you would find him by your side as long as you want.

We are there to support or help you and suggest to you the best way to provide the dua to make think of me without making any mistake. you can grab this Islamic way from our Molvi Ji. And soon you can able to see the result. If you are in love but unfortunately failing then two possible causes either person is not interested in marrying you or might be your parents are not permitting you for this marriage. But you do not need to worry because dua to make him think of me will help you. It would be very easy and effective for you to influence and get by your side and support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Dua To Make Him Call Me Now?

If your partner hasn’t been talking to you for days or doesn’t seem interested in you then this can create distances in your relationship. If you feel that the distances have started taking the toll over your relationship then seeking the help of the dua to make him call me now will work the best.

What Is The Best Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

Love dua is an effective remedy to rekindle love and attraction in your partner and bring them back to you. If they aren’t listening to you or aren’t noticing your efforts for reconciliation, Insha Allah this dua to make someone fall in love with you will work wonders.

How can I make someone miss me?

Here is a dua by which you can make e person miss you. Just recite ” Hasbi-allahu la ilaha illa Huwa ‘alaihi tawakkaltu wa Huwa Rab-bal’ arshil ‘azeem” 7 times after performing any salah. Before performing this dua you should take a shower and sit in a clean place.

Is there any surah to create love in someone’s heart?

You can perform Surah Al-Muminun to create love in someone’s heart. Surah for love is also the most powerful Islamic way related to love and relationship problems.

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