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Powerful Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again


The feeling of loneliness even with your husband by your side is the most awful feeling in the world. If your husband doesn’t value you or love you, then your life isn’t worth living. Thus, your first aim should be to make a place in the heart of your husband. If you want your husband to love you, care for you and think about you, then dua to change husband’s heart is the right solution for you. The dua to make my spouse love me again will help you win his love, respect, and admiration.

Dua To Change Husband’s Heart

Dua To Get Your True Love Back

Muslim husbands dominate their wives a lot. They try to overpower them and make them do all they want by working like a slave. Well, Allah Talah hasn’t permitted you to do so. Dua for making my husband love me is for all those Muslim sisters who have always been a victim of domestic violence and abuse by the hands of their husbands.

The dua to change your husband’s heart will improve the behavior of your partner. He will realize his mistake and regret them. He will make up for all the hurt he has caused you. Dua to make my husband love me again will modify his behaviour if he mistreats you.

Dua For My Husband To Love Me

Dua To Change Husband’s Heart

It is very important to love and respect your wife. But, if your husband doesn’t love you back, then powerful Islamic dua to change someone’s mind will ease things for you. It will make your husband treat you well. It will make your marital life happy and content and you will never have any complaint with your husband in the future.

If the person you wanted to marry has left you and gone away from you for any reason, then dua to get your true love back will bring him/ her back in your life. It will make things okay in your life.

If your boyfriend/ girlfriend has broken up with you and no longer wants to be with you, then dua to get your true love back will change their heart. It will convince them to come back to you and be with you in the relationship. You can get to know about how to change someone’s mind or heart from our Molvi Sahab.

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again

Dua to make my husband love me again is a great way to fill your married life once again with love. If you think that your husband does not love you like before and you are feeling sheer ignorance from him then you can find such duas that will turn your husband in favor of you and he will start loving you like never before.

“Wa Min Ayatihi An Khala Ka Lakum Min Anfusikum Azwajan Li Taskunu Ilaiha Wa Ja’ala Bainakum Mawad Datan Wa Rahmatan Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatin Li Kaumi Yata Fakkaroon”

  • Recite this ayat 100 times.
  • Don’t forget to include Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning and thrice in the end.
  • Also Remember to blow it on some salt.
  • Now cook food for your life partner using this salt.
  • After that give this food to your life partner. 

Insha Allah, soon you will see that your husband will have a different attitude towards you. He will start love you again as before and be gentle towards you. The dua for my husband to love me will take few time to give result effectively. So, have patience and wait for the desired results.

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me More

Dear Allah, I do not deserve Your love and I am not deserving of Your mercy. But You are the most Merciful and Loving of all. You will never abandon me nor leave me alone in the desert of my sins. I seek refuge with You from You and from Satan, may Your curse be upon him!

Allah, please make my husband love me more. Please help him to be faithful and give me the best of life. I know that you will do it for me. In your name I ask for this and in the name of your beloved Prophet Muhammad, the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, I ask Allah to make my husband love me more.

Dua for My Spouse’s Love

The dua for my spouse’s love is a powerful supplication that seeks affection, love, and a bond between spouses to deepen and strengthen. It is a heartfelt plea to Allah to bless the marital relationship with love, understanding, and harmony.

When reciting this dua for my spouse love, one expresses their desire for their spouse to shower them with love, care, and affection. It is an active acknowledgement of the importance of love within a marriage and a plea for Allah’s divine intervention in nurturing and expanding that love.

Dua For Husband Love

This dua reflects the deep yearning for a spouse’s love, recognizing its significance in fostering a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It emphasizes the importance of emotional connection, kindness, and compassion between partners.

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ مُحَبَّةَ فُلَانِ بِنِتِ فُلَانٍ، فِي قَلْبِي وَقَلْبِهِ، وَأَنْ تَجْعَلَ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَهُ مَوَدَّةً وَرَحْمَةً

“O Allah, I ask You for the love of (mention your husband’s name) in my heart and in his heart, and that You make between me and him affection and mercy.”

Reciting this dua to acquire husband love with sincerity asks Allah’s blessings to strengthen lovers’ love and affection.It encompasses the desire for a loving, supportive partner who will stand by their side through joyful and challenging times.

Additionally, this dua acknowledges the importance of reciprocation, as it seeks the spouse’s love in return. It emphasizes mutual affection and the importance of partners participating in their relationship’s emotional well-being.

Ultimately, the dua for marriage problems is a spiritual tool to strengthen the love and connection within a marriage. It is a heartfelt supplication that seeks Allah’s blessings to foster an enduring and deeply loving relationship between spouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make My Husband Love Me Again In Islam?

You should recite the above mentioned dua to make my husband love me. This wazifa for husband love will definitely work effectively. You can also get attention from your husband by the use of this powerful dua. 

Is there a certain state of cleanliness or ablution required before reciting the dua?

Yes, it is recommended to be in a state of cleanliness (ablution) before reciting the dua for husband’s love in Islam. Purification enhances the sincerity and spiritual connection during supplication.

How To Make Husband Love You Madly In Islam?

Here is the dua to make my husband love me again:-

  • First, make an ablution.
  • After that pray obligatory namaz in isha.
  • Then Recite 11 times Darood Shareef.
  • Then read the following dua for husband love.

“Wa Minn Ayatihee Ann Khalaka Lakumminn Anfusikum Azwa Jallitaskunuu Ilaihaa, Waja Aalaa Baina Kumma Wadda Tauva Rahma. Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatilli Qaumiyya Tafaqarun.”

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