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Powerful Dua For A Good Spouse From Quran


Being blessed with a righteous and pious partner is what every man and woman desires! No one wants a disloyal or unloving partner for themselves. However, there are chances that you may encounter someone who is not right for you and end up marrying them. Hence, to avoid such a situation, it is important that you make dua for good spouse from Quran to Allah Talah and pray for a good and loving partner for you and Insha Allah, the Almighty will soon bestow you with one and your life will be no less than heaven.

Dua For Getting A Good Husband

There are numerous advantages to having a wonderful companion , and once you have found one, your life will be transformed. Getting a bad spouse makes your life terrible. It ends your chances of getting a comfortable and stable marital life. No matter it is a bad husband or a bad wife, both are hazardous for a marriage. So, it is better that you recite dua spouse from Quran and Insha Allah, the Almighty will bestow you with the kind of partner you desire. You will soon have someone who is just like you in your life. and your marriage will happen to him/her.

Dua For A Good Spouse From Quran

Dua For Getting Good Spouse From Quran

A partner who is unfaithful, irresponsible, or not a devout person is frequently someone you will end up with. If you want to avoid all these situations and want someone who walks on the righteous path of Islam, then you should make dua for righteous spouse and Insha Allah, soon you will find someone who is suitable for you and is genuinely a pious, good and responsible spouse. So, in order to prevent getting married to someone who is unfit for you, make sure you get the dua from Quran and recite it.

You can get the dua for it from our molvi sahab. The holy Quran has numerous duas for a pious and righteous partner. So, make sure you get the best one for you as per your condition. Insha Allah, soon you will find someone appropriate for you. Do not be disheartened if you are already married and your partner isn’t good. With the help of this dua, you can make your spouse better and Insha Allah, they will change and become righteous. Feel free to share your problems with us to get the best possible help in this regard.

Dua To Get The Right Marriage Partner

To find a decent partner, one must first be a nice person. The steps to finding a decent spouse are as follows:

  • Seek refuge in Allah from the forces of evil and his demonic desires.
  • Make your intent honest and pure.
  • Make du’a to Allah for assistance.
  • Perform the required prayers on time.
  • With sincerity and dedication, said the formal prayer.

You will definitely find your husband if you use this dua to find wonderful husband.

Dua For Righteous Spouse In Quran

  • The first step in making a du’a for a righteous spouse is to approach Allah and ask Him for what you want.
  • The next step is to repeat the dua: “Allah um ma in nii as’a lukaa qa dd ka naa laaa ilahaa ill aaa antaa, subhaa anaka, tabar akaa, ta’ala.” ‘Aze ezull Hakimull Muhaim inull Qud dusill ‘Azimm.”
  • The third stage is to express your desires for your marriage to Allah in your own words.
  • The fourth and final step is to thank Allah and leave His presence in peace and calm.

Quranic Dua For Finding A Good Spouse

When it comes to finding a good spouse, there are several Quranic supplications (duas) that you can recite to seek guidance and blessings from Allah. Here is one such dua from the Quran:

“Our Lord, give us comfort in our eyes from among our spouses and offspring, and make us an example for the righteous.” (Quran 25:74)

You can recite this dua with sincerity and conviction, asking Allah to bless you with a righteous and compatible spouse who will bring comfort and happiness to your life.
In addition to dua, it is important to actively seek a good spouse by engaging in appropriate places. Remember that finding a compatible spouse is a combination of dua, personal effort, and reliance on Allah’s guidance.

Surah To Recite For Good Husband

There are verses that you can recite and make dua with sincerity and trust in Allah’s guidance. Here are a few verses that you can recite:

  1. Surah Al-Furqan, Verse 74: “Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa dhuriyyatina qurrata a’yunin waj’alna lil-muttaqina imama.”

Translation: “Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.”

  1. Surah Al-Qasas, Verse 24: “Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqir.”

Translation: “My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”

If you can complete the procedure in its whole, simply, with complete concentration, and cleanliness, there are no precautions necessary.

Best Surah For Righteous Spouse in Islam

Dua for spouse is here:-

Rabbana Hab Lana Min Az Wajina Wa Dhurriyatina Qurrata Ayu Niw Wa Ja’Alana Lil Muttaqina Imama

Recite this dua from Surah Al-Furqan 111 times after performing the namaz of Isha. Make sure you recite Durood Shareef 7 times in the beginning and 7 times in the end. Insha Allah soon you will get a suitable spouse for you.

The dua should be practice for at least one month before you can get any desirable results. If you are looking for any customized help, then you can speak to our molvi sahab Abdullah Hussain Ji for it. 

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Marriage Dua

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