Dua For Couple – Wedding Dua For Couple

Dua For Couple

Dua For Couple

Your duties in marriage never end. It is significant to fulfill all your duties and responsibilities as a partner to make your marriage successful. Along with that, if you want to have an excellent marital relationship with your partner then you must recite dua for couple. This dua would Insha Allah, never permit any issue and difference to come between you and your partner and your relationship would always be happy.

If you and your partner have been fighting a lot of things and you are unable to understand what’s wrong, then you must make dua for couple. The dua would help you to resolve all the differences from your married life. It will support you in handling and solving the fights and bring you and your partner close to one another. Besides this, the dua for couple is further those couples who do not have any issues. It also minimizes the chances of having any issue in your marriage.

Allah HummaInniUriduAn Ata ZawwajaFaKattar Li MinanNissaa’ yiAaFaHunnaFarajanWa Ah fazahunna Li Fi NafsihaWa Au Sa’aaHunna Li RizkanWaAa Zama Hunna Li Barakatan Fi NafsihaWaMaaliFakatTirliMinhaWaladanTayyibanTajAluhuKhalafanSalihan Fi HayatiWaBaa’daMauti.

Wedding Dua For Couple

Wedding Dua For Couple

You should recite this dua at least 11 times for around 21 days after the namaz of Dohar. Pray to Allah Talah to make your married life unique and successful. Insha Allah will support you to resolve any issue which occurs between you and your husband and everything would always great and good in your marriage life. Wedding Dua for couple is also effective and powerful for you. Barak AllahuLakawa Baraka Alaik, wajama’abainakuma fi khair. May Allah bless you and send blessings upon you and bring goodness between you.

Dua for a wedding couple and happy married life can be used for blessings in marriage. You can use this dua for a fantastic and successful marriage life to make your life cheerful and happy. The married couple should seek the blessings of God to start with a fresh and innovative lease of life. Along with that, the almighty always reveal the right and unique platform for these couples. However, the dua of the guests joining the wedding should also pray for the happiness of the couple. Additionally, the decision of marriage takes place in bliss.

Marriage Dua For Couples

Marriage Dua For Couple

Marriage is the holiest thing to occur on earth. For the couple planning to marry, it is the good wishes and blessings. It is noted that every new relationship should start with a sweet and unique note. You should pray to god with all the good intentions to get pleasure or happiness in marriage. Issues and difficulties in married life will come and go, but you will have to take every decision effectively and carefully. Do not feel unhappy about the issues, but permit the dua to resolve your issues. Marriage dua for couple is excellent and unique to fulfill the wishes of couples. Dua to gain Allah’s Love, love of good deeds and other people. O Allah, make your lover beloved to me than myself, the cold water and my family.

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